Vira by Fauwna

Welcome to the Seelie Court

I'm here to cry about video games and fairy dust,
and I'm all out of fairy dust.

Call me Vira!

Your local part-time (seiso) Fairy Vtuber, full-time nuisance Viracchi - you can call me Vira! I am a fairy born from an orange.

Vira by Chunnyeol

Vira by


When my powers are at its strongest, I can be found sipping dewdrop (read: boba) tea and learning to play whatever new game I fancy. My flavor of the day changes, but I love JRPGs, MMORPGS, Gacha games, and co-op.
I also like chilling with tarot reading, ASMR, and the occasional cosplay.


Singing is one of my long-term hobbies that I'm working to improve! Follow my journey with my karaoke streams and Youtube covers. Although English is my native language, I also sing in Japanese and Chinese.


Design by me, Ref sheet by Chunnyeol

--cchi = cutesy suffix like -chan!
written [びーらっち]
Any nicknames OK

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Twitch Streaming

Vira by Meiguu_

While I try to keep as consistent a schedule as I can, I am limited to time on the evenings 3-4 days a week.
Check Twitter's #SeelieSchedule for the most updated schedule!
Feel free to join my discord to see more behind the scenes updates on what latest project I'm working on.
"Seelie Subs" on Twitch get exclusive access to all past voice packs, and sneak previews of unreleased stuff on my Discord as well!

song covers

I have always admired idols, utaites, and have been to various concerts incl. J-pop idols and artists, K-pop idols, and Anime 2.5D Seiyuu idols. To no one's surprise, I am also a HUGE fan of Vsingers like Hololive, Nijisanji, Prism Project, etc. and many indies who sing and produce their own music. Vtubing is another avenue to join the song-covering world.
I'm currently taking Vtuber singing classes from @eebeegames. She holds regular Recitals and group choruses for us, so check it out!
Please check out my Youtube and follow my socials for more snippets!